13 Habits Your Future Self Will Thank You For

1. Time in solitude #

The world is moving at a crazy pace and our lives feel like they’re flashing by. Days turn into weeks and then months go by. Summers and winters are passing our jaws drop when we realize how fast time is passing.

2. Monitored fuel & maintenance #

We squander our blessings by assuming they’ll always be in our grasp. The fresh air. The changing seasons. The endless blue carpet above our heads. The colors of life. The complex yet smooth functioning of our bodies.

3. Sleep patterns #

You can’t maintain your health without religiously sticking to sleeping patterns. If you’d like to have a future you can cherish, stop treating your sleeping patterns like a maze. Sleep and wake up at the same time even on the weekends. Allow your brain to understand the routine so your body can adjust to it accordingly.

5. Time management #

Time is an irreplaceable commodity. All the technology in this world can’t help you bring back the moments that have passed. You have the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet. Same as billionaires. Same as homeless. Same as every living being.

6. Preserved memories #

The basic things of today can turn out to be the turning point of your life. The simplest actions of your present might become the memories you cherish the most.

7. Read books #

The digital age has pulled a curtain across bookshelves. Our eyes are glued to the endless newsfeeds, and brain-numbing apps. We’ve lost the art of learning from the books and taking advice from people who’ve lived the life we dream of.

8. Investments & careful expenses #

Why do you push yourself to the edge? Why do you work all the time? Why can’t you shut your brain off? Do you do it to put food on your table, a roof over your head, and meet the basic needs of life?

9. Shredding expectations & shackles #

We’re deeply rooted to demote or promote ideologies. We’re controlled by the invisible claws that are further inside our brains than we care to think. Our past experiences and the way we were raised. The expectations of people we love, and the shackles of society. The traumas we faced over time, and our never-ending internal dialogues. These are a few of the things heavily impacting the direction of our lives.

10. Patience & consistency #

We’re living in a world that’s moving at an alarming rate. Where speed wins in everything. We’ve set the wrong core values wrong. You can’t build anything valuable without patience, failing, and trying again. You can’t succeed without showing up consistently.

11. A life lived in the moment #

Imagine being on your deathbed and your life flashing before your eyes. You’re contemplating your choices and slowly realizing that you never really lived. You were always hung on visualizing the future or running in loops analyzing your past. You never paused to enjoy life as it was. You never took a moment to cherish the most precious gift you were given.

12. Upheld values #

When you don’t stand for something, it is easy to get swayed away by the river of emotions. When you haven’t set your boundaries, you are more likely to crumble under the pressure and give in.

13. Monitored thoughts #

The world is what it is. Your world is whatever your thoughts shape it to be. You can walk this planet with your head held high and spread positive vibes everywhere you go. You can take each step like you own the ground.



Writing about productivity, remote work, self-discoveries, and experiments -> http://sakytalks.com/

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Writing about productivity, remote work, self-discoveries, and experiments -> http://sakytalks.com/