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A simple guide to waking your inner Viking and raiding your fears.

Vikings emerged from a small place called “Scandinavia” and made an impact on the whole world big enough that we are talking about them even after a thousand years.

Though they are long gone to dust, most of their core values still apply to our lives today.

There is no denying that they inflicted a lot of pain on other people. They did a lot of horrible things but if we can learn to look past that for a moment, there is a lot we can learn from the way they lived their lives.

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“If you have a dream you gotta protect it” and that’ll take more than letting it bash against the walls of your brain forever. Action is far more important than the uniqueness of your idea or dream and it must cover the most precious parts of your days.

Here is what you need to do.

The first and last thing of your day should always be working on your dream.

That’s the little formula that has been extremely beneficial to a procrastination expert like me. I have dreams. A dozen of them. But thinking carefully and trying to bring it all down to skills, I have two.

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4 compounding habits to change your life

We are creatures of habit and have a habit of always forgetting or never figuring out the power of compounding habits.

Concept of compounding habits is simple. These are small tasks that you do every single day for an extended period of time. Eventually, these small tasks bring massive changes and shifts in your life that wouldn’t have been possible without consistency.

Consistency is a tricky thing because of how we process time.

We look at past year like it was yesterday but when looking at the future year it seems so far away.

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How to get through suffering

Are you broke? Are you suffering from an illness? Are you in a tough spot? This is for you.

Perspective is a weird thing. Two humans never look at the same thing and think the same thing in exactly identical way. You’ll might be astonished to know that we don’t even see the same color. What you think is red might be slightly different to the person sitting right next to you.

The same happens when it comes to life situations. There are people who have developed their minds over the years to deal with every curve ball life throws…

Image by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash

I don’t come from much and didn’t have role models growing up. It was trial and error for most of my life.

I didn’t get to spend much time with my father because he served in the army and I’d only occasionally get to see him. My uncles and aunts and other elders in life rarely ever showed up. When they did they were more interested in talking about what their kids had going better.

My teachers never bothered to take a second look or send a few words of wisdom my way and when they did, I was far…

How to maximise learning speed

I’ve learned more this year than probably the last 5 years combined and that’s coming from someone who hates reading.

We all have similar weeks, months and years where we can get so much done but then we’re back to our miserable boring routines filled with procrastination and terrible patterns that are slowly causing a downward spiral.

There is no magic pill to swallow that’ll turn you into your most productive self no matter how hard someone tries to sell you on it. Nothing will happen until you change your mindset. That is what happened to me but it wasn’t intentional and I kinda stumbled upon it.

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The most effective way to be disciplined

We all want better lives but only a few are willing to suffer, eat dirt and sacrifice what it takes to climb that mountain.

If you have any sort of education or ever sat down to think about what it is that you want out of this little bubble of a time that you have on this plant, then you are most certainly aware that it takes discipline to get there.

I’ve known that for a long time but you know what? I’ve always struggled with it. I’d start things and then abandon them half-way through for something shiner or that piques my interest.

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