You’re killing yourself

You’re killing yourself

We have a hustle crisis where everyone is running full speed. We don’t know what we want. We don’t care about what we have. We want more. More money to spend, more things to flex, and more people to impress. What do we desire when we attain the invisible “more”? More.

I get it. Human nature is to push further. What’s the point of wasting precious time laying around like a sloth?

You don’t have to overwork yourself to death to justify your existence. The alternative strategy is to be calm, precise, and consistent. You can enjoy the ride and take care of yourself while pursuing what matters.

I’ll share a few interesting ideas below. You can adjust your strategy and achieve your goals without sacrificing health.

Stone Cold Monkey #

We shove loads of information into our heads on daily basis. Our thoughts are scattered. Our mind leaps from one idea to another like a monkey. It feels overwhelmed and suffocated. We treat it like a storage device instead of a dots connecting beast.

Talk to someone. Write down your thoughts. Press the record and let it pour out. Anything you can do to calm the monkey down.

When you throw everything on the table, you can make more sense of what to keep and where. When you have clarity, you can make better decisions, reduce trial and error and minimize regrets.

Don’t Catch the Apple #

On birth, we’re handed a basket with a limited number of apples. We start handing them out. We give them away for happiness, out of need, and in hopes of reward. A major chunk goes down the gutter by ourselves. Others may get stolen by thieves in disguise of friends, family, and colleagues. Until we’re left with nothing.

That’s the basket of life with a limited number of minutes. They seem meaningless in singularity but they add up to create your life.

Peel the Balls Open #

When you’re busy talking about yourself, you’re only regurgitating what you already know. If your actions are the outcome of static information, you’ll forever be behind.

Impatient patience #

What the heck does that even mean?

What I suggest is to be patient with your long-term goals but impatient with daily actions. Ask yourself what you can do today to make the biggest leap towards your goal. Write 5,000 words? Meet someone in person? Send 100 cold emails? Then do that without reluctance and procrastination.

Prune Peace Destroyers #

Imagine a person making $3 billion per month. What’s the fastest way to make them unhappy with their income? Make them meet the person who makes $50 billion per month. Boom!

Our peace often depends on how well we’re doing compared to everyone else. This is a flawed approach. You can never be happy because someone will always have more.

Conclusion #

Calm down. It’ll be alright if you take a breath. Take a moment to soak the beauty around you. Enjoy the life you’ve built. Let your mind slow down and calculate future moves more precisely. To conclude my message:

  • Journal to dump your thoughts and have clarity
  • Don’t say “yes” to every request coming your way
  • Watch and listen. Observe and understand.
  • Patience for long term goals but impatience with daily actions
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Compete with your past self.



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Writing about productivity, remote work, self-discoveries, and experiments ->